When you consider how fiercely competitive today’s automobile market is, it goes without saying that having even the slightest edge over the competition can result in tremendous profit or unbearable losses.  Having the ability to accurately identify and contact customers who have, very recently, started shopping for a vehicle is the goal of every dealership.  As a result of recent advances in data profile technology, Client Command™ is making the process easier and more efficient than ever before.    

couple shopping for a new car

As one of the industry’s leading and most well-respected providers of automotive F&I services, The Mattiacio Group is proud to offer leading-edge Client Command™ automotive marketing to dealerships throughout the state of New York. 

The Mattiacio Group and ClientCommand™ now offer a new platform that allows car dealers to buy more cars from customers selling their cars near the dealership. Everyone knows that new car inventory has been a huge issue, and inventory does not appear to be getting back to normal anytime soon. This new vehicle acquisition platform is perfect for car dealers that would like to acquire more trades and sell more used cars. On average, dealers on this ClientCommand™ Acquisition program experience 37% more trade-ins from our marketing efforts, 87% trade-ins sold to retail, and 5% higher grosses on trade-ins sold. Contact The Mattiacio Group for a free demo of this program!

Here’s just a sampling of what this innovative technology has already done for a select number of local dealerships.

  • Patented, AI-powered automotive marketing technology for increased ROI  
  • Provides key data that allows your dealership to identify active shoppers first
  • Easily deliver 1:1 Omni-channel ads via social media, email, mobile, mail, and more
  • Merge online and offline data into identity-based profiles to target active buyers
  • Reach customers within hours of them entering the market for a new vehicle
  • Easily integrates with your database to let you know who’s currently looking

Waiting for active, serious-minded car shoppers to simply stroll through your doors is no longer a realistic option for those seeking substantial sales numbers.  Having access to fresh, reliable data is imperative, as are the digital tools needed to capitalize on it quickly.  For more information on how Client Command™ can help you identify and target active car buyers more efficiently, get in touch with The Mattiacio Group and we’ll be happy to help.   

The Mattiacio Group is headquartered in Rochester, NY, and proudly serves the needs of dealerships and drivers throughout the entire state.  Call 585-254-7288 to speak with an associate right now, or send your inquiries via email through our secure contact page.