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Ziebart Jamestown, NY

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Cross Keys Automotive

Building and Business Acquisition


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Ziebart Fort Myers, FL

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Ziebart Columbus & Reynoldsburg

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Acquisition Types

Building Purchase

By selling your building to The Mattiacio Group, you can maximize the value of your building. Even if you are not selling your entire business, there are other elements to your business you may want to sell with your building. Examples can include showroom furniture, fixtures, shop equipment, and more. This allows you to get the most out of the sale of your property.

Business Purchase

Whether it is a Stock Purchase or an Asset Purchase, we have vast experience with structuring deals that are fair and fast. The process will start by drafting a Letter of Intent with a built-in Non-Disclosure Agreement. We understand the confidential nature of these transactions and take this very seriously. Next, we work together to understand how we can structure a deal that works best for both parties.


Sell a portion of your equity and partner with The Mattiacio Group. This allows you to get paid upfront for the equity you are selling and shift all the back-office functions to The Mattiacio Group. This allows you to focus on running your business and we take over Accounting, Purchasing, Marketing, Information Technology, and Human Resources for you. We can work together to grow the business and provide additional capital when needed for expansions.

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To find out how we can enhance your auto dealership’s offerings, please give us a call at 585-254-7288 or write to us through our website’s secured contact page. We’re based in Rochester, NY, and can be reached anytime during regular office hours.

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