Client Command®

The Mattiacio Group has partnered with Client Command, a cutting-edge marketing company that provides car dealers with a guaranteed ROI*! With Client Command, your dealer can utilize patented technology to get in front of shoppers first, deliver automated 1:1 omnichannel ads (social, email, mail, digital, mobile, call center), and obtain transparent attribution and results. We do the hard stuff so you can focus on conversations that sell cars.

Win with today's shoppers

Identity-based conquest marketing just became as turnkey as your retention marketing. Client Command® has patented the ability to merge online and offline data into identity-based profiles AND deploy personalized marketing at scale to NEW & CONQUEST SHOPPERS. Contact us to learn more about how our car dealerships in New York found massive success with this program.


New Customers

Our patented technology gives you an exclusive ability to identify, target and deploy personalized messages to shoppers in your DMA - whether they have visited your dealership or not.

With client Command®, we can help you identify and target these customers before your competition. 


Existing Customers

Unlock the power of your database when you connect your data with Client Command's Active Shopper Network® and omnichannel marketing automation. Start knowing who in your database is actively shopping for a car today.

Stop wasting time and money on previous customers with no intent to buy.



Reach shoppers inside and outside your database within 24 hours of them entering the market.

Compare that to 45, 90, or even 120-day-old data. The Active Shopper Network® knows who is shopping, what they’re shopping for, what devices they are using, and where they are in the purchase funnel. With daily updates, the data fuels our marketing personalization and automation engine and delivers fresh data from the Active Shopper Network® to your sales team.


Today’s shopper expects an offer that is personalized and relevant to where they are in the customer journey.

Every day a shopper is in market, our marketing automation stays in front of shoppers across their known devices. Today’s shopper expectations demand cross-device, omnichannel marketing (social, email, mail, digital, mobile, call center). We believe dealers settling for anything less deserve an upgrade.


Shoppers are online 24/7, across more than 6 devices each, and expect brands to move with them.

Our patented tech delivers personalized creative to both conquest and retain customers.


You spend big money on marketing. You deserve to know what’s working.

We built tech that tracks every Client Command® marketing touchpoint to deliver you multi-touch attribution and identity-level match back reporting. We’re talking about the ability to deliver industry-leading ROI, with match back to sale for buyers inside and outside your database. Our customers average a 12:1 ROI – 16:1 ROI for retained and 10:1 for conquest campaigns.


Dealer Results

The Mattiacio Group gives Your Dealership a competitive advantage that produces results! Hear real stories from real Client Command® dealers below.

Keating Auto Group

Power Ford

Herbert’s Town & Country

To find out how we can enhance your auto dealership’s offerings, please give us a call at 585-254-7288 or write to us through our website’s secured contact page. We’re based in Rochester, NY, and can be reached anytime during regular office hours.

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