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The Mattiacio Group owns and operates Titan Motorworks. For over a decade the automotive specialists at Titan Motorworks in Rochester, formerly Perfection Auto Detailing, have earned a reputation as Western NY’s most esteemed providers of high-end automotive reconditioning, vehicle paint protection and custom performance upgrades. From customizing your vehicle to reconditioning an old classic, Titan Motorworks brings vast experience and industry-leading expertise to every project they undertake.


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Superior Custom Automotive Services to Protect,
Enhance and Showcase the Magnificence of Your Machine

Ceramic Coatings

This state-of-the-art liquid coating is like a permanent coat of superior-grade wax for your vehicle, and can be layered to address your specific protection concerns. Titan Motorworks is the leading provider of Ceramic Coating in Rochester NY, with packages available to meet virtually any budget or vehicle type.

STEK Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle's paint and maintain that new car look with STEK DYNOshield and STEK DYNOmatte, the best clear paint protection film available. Paint protection film is a tough, urethane film that helps protect your vehicle from rock chips, bug acids and sand abrasion while remaining virtually invisible.

Window Tinting

There are countless benefits to making an investment in window tinting for your business or automobile. From protecting your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays to protecting your office’s computer equipment and car’s interior, as well.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphic

Titan Motorworks offers the highest-quality vehicle wraps and graphics. Make your machine one of a kind with our custom graphics division.

Paint Correction

Titan Motorworks specializes in providing the highest-quality paint correction services in Rochester.

Car Detailing

With one of the most versatile offerings of automotive detailing services in Rochester NY, Titan Motorworks makes it fast, easy, and affordable to keep your car or truck looking as good as the day you drove it home.

Wheel Repair

In need of some wheel repair? Titan Motorworks can help restore your wheels. 

Cold Air Intakes

Get the most out of your machine with a cold air intake installation from Titan Motorworks.


Consult with Titan Motorworks about your next suspension project! We look forward to providing you with the parts and service that best fit your goal. 

APR Tuning

Modern vehicles rely heavily on computer control. Almost every current European car has a forced-induction engine. Speak with an expert at Titan Motorworks to learn more about APR Tuning.

Wheels and Tires

Whether you a looking for a new set of winter tires or high-performance wheels, we have direct connections with some of the highest-quality manufacturers.

Escort Radar Detectors

Learn more about our full line of stocked Radar Detectors, and other performance products

To find out how we can enhance your auto dealership’s offerings, please give us a call at 585-254-7288 or write to us through our website’s secured contact page. We’re based in Rochester, NY, and can be reached anytime during regular office hours.

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