Founded in Rochester, NY, The Mattiacio Group has grown from a humble four-person operation to a thriving team of over 200 employees with multiple locations, including Fort Myers, Florida. Our team now offers a diverse range of dealer services that help dealerships run more efficiently and hassle-free. Here’s what we currently offer:

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Client Command®

Getting on the radar of targeted customers is incredibly important for dealerships. One of the best ways to do that is with Client Command — a top-of-the-line marketing company that provides a guaranteed ROI. Client Command uses sophisticated technology to reach vehicle shoppers through a mix of online and offline mediums, including email, social media, mobile, and traditional mail. 

With Client Command, you can deliver personalized messaging to highly qualified leads before the competition does. Beyond that, you can retain a larger percentage of your existing customers through Client Command’s Active Shopper Network®. The end result is a steady stream of engaged shoppers, so you can spend more time running your dealership rather than being bogged down with marketing. 


The Mattiacio Group is proud to partner with TruWarranty, a leading provider of Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs). TruWarranty's commitment to customer satisfaction and dealership compliance sets them apart from other VSC providers. Their transparent and efficient processes make it easy for dealerships to offer their customers the best possible protection.

They offer a robust product suite, including:

  • High mileage coverage
  • Bundle coverage
  • Powertrain coverage
  • Private-labeled products   


RoadVantage is another highly recommended dealer service for handling claims. Their impressive performance metrics include a 98% claim approval rate within seven minutes or less, and a 99% claim payout rate within one hour of receiving the signed invoice. This makes RoadVantage an excellent choice for dealerships looking for hassle-free claims that allow them to run more efficiently and enhance the customer experience.

RoadVantage offers comprehensive exclusionary coverage on a wide range of items, including cosmetic damage, hail damage, aftermarket wheel coverage, curb damage, and metal plates. We also appreciate their simplistic approach, using plain contract language that minimizes exclusions and keeps the process straightforward for dealerships and their customers. As a testament to their quality, RoadVantage has won four consecutive Diamond Dealers’ Choice Awards for Finance and Insurance Products.

Want to learn more about dealer services in Fort Myers, Florida? We’d love to hear from you! You can reach us by calling 585-254-7288 or by contacting us through our secure online contact form