Anyone who’s found themselves behind the wheel lately will surely agree that todays’ roads, elements, and overall driving conditions are a far cry from idyllic. Buckling highways, crazy weather patterns, and a dizzying array of unexpected variables can take a significant, merciless toll on the appearance and value of vehicles of every make, model, and age. For this and countless additional reasons, more and more savvy drivers are making the decision to protect their vehicles with Ziebart®.  

two woman smiling in white car

As one of the most well-established and trusted owners of Ziebart® franchise locations in New York, The Mattiacio Group is proud to help dealerships stay profitable while providing those they serve with the unmatched peace-of-mind Ziebart® vehicle protection offers.

  • Ziebart® offers the most comprehensive selection of vehicle protection services
  • The undisputed leader in vehicle undercoating, rust protection, and prevention
  • Unrivaled value on bed liners, window tint, paint protection, detailing, and more
  • The Mattiacio Group is trusted by hundreds of vehicle dealers throughout New York
  • Ziebart® is known for decades of experience, diversity, and legendary customer service
  • Boost your dealership’s revenues while enhancing safety and driver confidence 

Here at The Mattiacio Group, we don’t see vehicle protection as merely an upsell. The roads are unforgiving, and if recent history is any indicator of what’s to come, the weather doesn’t appear to be calming in a hurry. Ziebart® is the most recognizable name in vehicle protection, hands down. To learn more about the many benefits of offering it at your dealership, get in touch with our staff today and we’ll do our very best to help. 

The Mattiacio Group is headquartered in Rochester, NY, and proudly serves the needs of dealerships and discerning drivers throughout the state.  Call 585-254-7288 to speak with an associate right now, or send your inquires via email through our secure contact page.