Anyone who makes their living in the automotive industry knows all-too-well of the effect that rising costs are having on the bottom line of virtually every dealership in New York, and throughout the country. As many dealerships already know, offering your customers a diverse array of leading-edge F&I and protection services is one of the best ways to help them protect their investment, while allowing dealers to boost their profits and customer loyalty.

How Ziebart Services Help Protect Against Rising Vehicle and Supply Costs As one of the state’s leading providers of Ziebart® protection services, The Mattiacio Group proudly operates 8 locations throughout the Western NY region. Here are just a few of the services we offer to help you better serve your customers, while offsetting the ongoing cost increases that cut deep into monthly revenues:

  • Ziebart undercoating, with free annual maintenance for partnering dealerships
  • Ziebart Rust Protection, legendary protection that benefits customers and dealers
  • Ceramic Z-Gloss Paint Protection from Ziebart, suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Rhino Linings spray-on bedliners, to help contractors and firms protect their fleet
  • Ziebart Advertising Graphics, ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike
  • Ziebart Car Detailing, done expertly in-house for greater monthly service billings

With the cost of so many dealership essentials on the rise, staying successful involves so much more than simply selling more vehicles. Inventory is scarce and prices are constantly increasing, making it important to take an innovative approach to profitability and increased billing. To learn more about how Ziebart services from The Mattiacio Group can help your dealership offset the sting of inflation, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.   

The Mattiacio Group is headquartered in Rochester, NY and proudly serves the needs of automotive dealers throughout the entire state of New York. We can be reached by phone at 585-254-7288 or via email by visiting our website’s secure contact page.