In the dynamic world of automotive dealerships and financial services, The Mattiacio Group stands out with a commitment to integrity, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. Our team is passionate about revolutionizing the industry by building trust, one financial solution at a time.

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The Mattiacio Group distinguishes itself through a commitment to establishing honest, long-term relationships and offering a broad spectrum of services. These range from Finance and Insurance (F&I) solutions to comprehensive vehicle protection. We leverage innovative technology to enhance customer profiling and service quality. Efficiency is a key focus, achieved through streamlined processes in our dealer portal. Under one umbrella, we provide licensed and trusted brands, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing industry standards and practices.

Transforming the Auto Dealership Experience

At the heart of The Mattiacio Group's ethos is a dedication to forging long-lasting, honest relationships with clients. Unlike many in the field, our group prioritizes sustainable partnerships over short-term gains. This philosophy is evident across our diverse range of services:

  • The Mattiacio Group F&I Agency: Revolutionizing vehicle service contracts with a focus on honest relationships and hard work, ensuring that customers never feel taken advantage of.
  • Ziebart® Franchise: Specializing in automotive appearance and protection, helping to extend the life and enhance the value of vehicles.
  • Active Shopper® Advantage: A cutting-edge solution for auto dealerships, integrating online shopping behavior with offline identity data to create comprehensive customer profiles.
  • TruWarranty: Offering streamlined warranty and service contract products designed for the modern digital retailing era.
  • Rhino Linings® Sprayed-on Bed Liners: A trusted name in truck protection, licensed by The Mattiacio Group in parts of New York State.
  • RoadVantage® Partnership: Innovative F&I product solutions that drive profit, loyalty, and long-term customer relationships.
  • Dealer Portal: A streamlined platform for work order submissions and updates, enhancing operational efficiency.

Join the Mattiacio Journey

Experience the Mattiacio difference today. Whether you're looking for advanced F&I solutions, vehicle protection services, or efficient dealership management tools, The Mattiacio Group has a solution tailored to your needs. Contact our team at 585-254-7288 to learn more about our services and how we can help drive your dealership forward. Let's build a successful future together, one solution at a time.